I love a good story – especially visual ones. In fashion, I wanted to find a way to visually represent fresh, layered concepts while giving people the opportunity to express themselves through their clothes. After two decades of working in fashion, my own story-telling expanded. I wanted to help define and create the way a person lives and the life they want – to go beyond what they put on their bodies. Once I tapped into that, it was natural to begin utilizing the detailed nuances I had honed in fashion into interiors.

When it comes to fashion, I’ve heard it said that there isn’t much that hasn’t been done before. I believe that is true – fashion does repeat itself. And I wanted a new outlet. So, I got interested in focusing that inspiration on interiors. It was fresh and exciting to develop my eye in architecture, placement, objects, and functionality. The pandemic focused the emphasis on interiors even more.

Hope Misterek

President | Entreprenuer, Stylist, Designer


For me, feeling alive is about having goals I’m passionate about. To be able to pour my soul into something I love lights me up. I want to squeeze that kind of aliveness out of life every chance I get. As I’ve matured, my goals have too. They have always been about being the best I can be. But now they have more depth – legacy, happiness, relationships, continuous personal development, and self-care.

I believe dreams lead you where you’re meant to be even when it’s not where you thought you were going. I’ve wound up with incredible experiences by staying present and curious through each step of the process. If I could tell my younger self one thing it’s this: “Stay open. Something may not end up like you think it should – it’s probably going to be better than you could have planned.” When I look back, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, and the biggest rewards have come from the surprises along the way.


I’m inspired by fashion every day. I’m always going to find it rewarding to come up with fresh ways of expressing myself through clothes and accessories. I also love expanding that desire into interiors by translating a client’s brand and mission into their environment. I’m looking forward to renovating more properties and creating beautiful, innovative spaces.

About Hope

My career as a stylist started in fashion, then moved into set design and building which naturally led to bringing my unique aesthetic to the world of interiors. Having the opportunity to live in various cities and work alongside incredible visionaries has honed my technical skills which brings a unique perspective to the projects I work on. This foundation inspired me to take on a large-scale renovation project of my own – renovating and restoring this 100-year old brownstone row house into what I knew it could be.

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