Lucia Bawot

Photographer, Storyteller and author of book We Belong
I’m a Colombian photographer, filmmaker, storyteller, and author of the photo book We Belong based in the US, I have spent a decade capturing content and helping form supply chain narratives for different coffee farm-level projects throughout Latin America for some of the world’s leading coffee companies. As I am one of the few photographers specializing in coffee, it may very well be that the next photo of a farmer you see on your package of coffee was captured by me.



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Amy Edge

The Rising Sisterhood founder

Hi there! I am the founder of The Rising Sisterhood movement, the book, and community, the “Collective.” Through these channels, I desire to curate a platform to celebrate, empower, and lift up our ‘sisters’ as we navigate toward changing our narratives and stepping into our greatness. My goal is to show women that their stories matter, they matter! To rise them up and give them the opportunity to speak what is on their heart. I want them to show up as they are. Tell their unfiltered story. Stand in their tenaciousness. Be unapologetic!


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Syanne Centeno-Bloom

Model, Influencer, Activist, Student
Syanne Centeno-Bloom is a disability rights activist, Political Science/History major, social media influencer, writer, and professional model. In her modeling and social media career, Syanne has worked with brands such as Dove, The Pretty Dress Company and Adore Me. Most recently, she appeared in the high fashion editorial magazine, Hunger Magazine, in Christian Siriano. In disability rights activism, Syanne has spoken at events such as Diversify Our Narrative’s DON Conference and advocated for causes to increase accessibility and disability rights. She has also worked directly with brands to create adaptive products and spoken to many podcasts on ableism and disability rights. Syanne is currently in college working towards a political science and history degree. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, drawing and playing the piano.


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Hope Misterek

President | Entreprenuer, Stylist, Designer

I love a good story – especially visual ones. In fashion, I wanted to find a way to visually represent fresh, layered concepts while giving people the opportunity to express themselves through their clothes. After two decades of working in fashion, my own story-telling expanded. I wanted to help define and create the way a person lives and the life they want – to go beyond what they put on their bodies. Once I tapped into that, it was natural to begin utilizing the detailed nuances I had honed in fashion into interiors.

When it comes to fashion, I’ve heard it said that there isn’t much that hasn’t been done before. I believe that is true – fashion does repeat itself. And I wanted a new outlet. So, I got interested in focusing that inspiration on interiors. It was fresh and exciting to develop my eye in architecture, placement, objects, and functionality. The pandemic focused the emphasis on interiors even more.


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Melissa Murdick

Celebrity makeup artist and creator of The Pretty Fix
I’ve been a celebrity makeup artist for over 14 years (working out of Los Angeles), and several years ago I decided to create a first-of-its-kind website called The Pretty Fix to teach trans-feminine folks makeup. I am also the makeup instructor at LA’s LGBT+ center, and have another fun project in the works to help people learn everyday makeup as well.


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Ronni Anderson

Owner/Director Anderson Contemporary
The opportunity to run my own gallery, curate and exhibit diverse works of art is a dream job for me. What makes this job even more dreamy – and challenging – is that I’m not limited to four white walls, instead the gallery embraces open natural light where space and art
interact with the public. It’s a whole different feel than other gallery spaces. The original concept of running an art gallery in a large public space (approximately 10,000 sq ft of wall space) came from the owners of 180 Maiden Lane – and I was thrilled when they approached me with the idea. The New York City Planning Commission approved the idea as well, and I was able to launch Anderson Contemporary in 2015 with a solo exhibition of philanthropist/photographer Russell James. Since then I have exhibited multiple emerging, mid-career and established artists as well as hosted many special events, dance performances, women’s networking events, charity events, and fireside chats with artists. A few of the highlights before Covid have been collaborating with outside organizations such as Animation Nights New York/Best of Fest, a monthly screening of curated animated short films (some were on the Oscars short list) followed by a two day interactive art and animation festival; Working with The Chinese World Arts Eduction Corporation supporting/exhibiting 10 amazing
emerging female artists from China; A photography exhibition of stunning images by 20 renowned Israeli photographers from Karen Lehrman Block’s book “Passage To Israel” with a charity concert featuring singer Matisyahu; and a wonderful collaboration with Villa America Fine Art featuring work by legendary writer/cartoonist Anthony Haden-Guest. I am very proud of and thankful for all of the exhibitions/events at Anderson Contemporary and I think having an open mind has helped bring some extraordinary and diverse projects to the space. I believe/hope this public arena provides a wider contribution to the greater art community of Lower Manhattan (and beyond) – and that is what excites and motivates me to continue on this journey.


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Jennifer Kroll

I’m Jennifer, an abstract/geometric painter. I live in Birmingham, Michigan(a suburb of Detroit) with my husband and two daughters. Most days you can find me painting in my studio or planning my next artwork. When I’m not there, I’m either on the tennis court, traveling or doing the day to day parts of running a household! I have a passion for interior design and an excitement for collecting all types of artwork. I received a bachelor degree in Fine Arts from Eastern Michigan University in 1996. Before beginning my painting career, I worked as a jewelry designer, which I believe is why I have a need for precision and detail in my artwork. I am fascinated by colors and shapes, and love experimenting with different combinations of the two. My paintings are often the result of these explorations. Sometimes new ideas happen by accident as I mix colors, or add and subtract lines and shapes VOILÀ – a new design emerges.


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Luna Zoey

Transgender, Latina, activist, turned actress
I’m a transgender, Latina, activist, turned actress from California. Getting to do the job I love and sharing my voice hasn’t been easy, for years my narrative was told for me and did not reflect the abusive and neglectful upbringing I really endured throughout my childhood. To this day I’m working on reclaiming my story and setting my truth free. For even though my story was a lie, upholding that story only taught me more how necessary it is to speak and live in my truth.


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Alison Hernon

Magazine Owner + Fashion Stylist

I am a Fashion Stylist based in NYC. I style for magazines such as L’Officiel AU, PhotoBook, New York Moves, Genlux, and Glamour. I style celebrities such as: Jim Parsons, Penn Badgley, Maria Sharapova, Rachel Brosnahan, David Harbour and more. I own and am Editor-In-Chief for PhotoBook Magazine. PhotoBook, an online magazine based in New York City, curates original, creative works that reflect the social conscience sweeping the fashion industry around the world. It focuses on emerging talent while celebrating racial and other types of diversity in its coverage of ethical and sustainable brands.

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Maddison Danforth

Director Boho Social

I studied communications majoring in creative services. An unmissable job opportunity saw me living in London for 2 years while working for a high-end marketing agency. Deep down though, I’d always been a small biz kinda girl – buying from and supporting local small businesses where I could (even though I never saw myself owning my own). Unable to express my epic creativity or think outside the box in an agency setting, I knew I could use what I’d learnt to help small businesses that didn’t have tens of thousands of dollars each year in the marketing budget to make waves and grow their business online. Fast forward to 2019 and Boho Social was born. boho “a free-spirited, open-minded thinker” social “to represent my true passion for social media & the positive power it can have on a business”

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Tara Bellerose

Content Creator/Farmer
I’m a social media content creator who uses my platform to educate people about the environment, animals, and our planet. I’m from rural Victoria Australia and a third-generation farmer, who is passionate about sustainable living.


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Ammara Rana

Makeup Artist
Ammara Rana is a makeup artist with 20 years of expertise, and global experience. Raised in America and based in New York, she has traveled, worked and lived coastal and in many countries throughout the world allowing her to cultivate a diverse global perspective when it comes to art and fashion. As a professional makeup artist she has experience with luxury brand campaigns including but not limited to Dior Beauty, Fendi Capsule Collection, Dior Homme, Dior Resort, Bloomingdales, Repossi, Gucci Bloom, The Phillips Club NYC and others. Her work has been featured in magazines including Vogue Arabia, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, Glamour Magazine, L’Officiel, Hunger Magazine, and Noise Magazine. Celebrities she’s worked with include: Madelyn Cline, Caity Lotz, Trioan Bellasario, Anna Sophia Robb and Constance Zimmer and Tracy Morgan.


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Hayat Aljowaily

Hayat Aljowaily is an Egyptian filmmaker based in Paris. Having grown up in five different countries, Hayat has always been interested in issues related to global politics, cultural exchange, and identity. After having completed a Bachelors in Social Sciences at Sciences Po in the south of France, Hayat completed a Bachelors of Arts in Film and Media Studies at Columbia University. Hayat’s bachelors’ thesis film, Maybe Next Time, has screened at over 10 events and festivals around the world. Most notably, it won the Audience Award at the Tripoli Online Film Festival in Lebanon. Hayat was hired by Marvel Studios as a director’s assistant to Mohamed Diab on one of their Disney + series Moon Knight. Currently, Hayat is developing a short film that she wrote and will co-direct, a docuseries she’s creative producing, and a short musical film that she’s associate producing. She produces most of her projects under the Le Hangar label. Hayat strives to use films as a means to promote social cohesion and cultural understanding.


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Alak Vasa

Co-founder Elements Truffles
I am Alak, co-founder of Elements Truffles. My story is about my journey from wall-street to clean eats. I was a trader at Goldman Sachs. While all was going well, a sense of purpose was missing. Something within me kept nudging me to follow my passion for good food. Growing up in India, Ayurveda was at the core of our lifestyle. However, I never appreciated it. Only after migrating to the US and running into some health issues, my eating habits changed. As I started making changes, I realized I was going back to my root – Ayurveda. I was fascinated by how scientific and natural it was. We wanted to bring this beautiful science to the world in a fun and approachable manner. So that’s when we combined Ayurveda with our favorite food – chocolates. And Elements Truffles was born.


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