Maggie Salko is a graduate student at Pace University studying for her Masters in Publishing. In her free time, she can either be found catching a movie in Greenwich Village or reading a book in Central Park. She’ll tell you her favorite book is Pride & Prejudice, when it’s really A Kiss In Time by Alex Flinn.


Ashley Walsh is a junior at the University of Delaware from New Jersey studying Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Business Analytics. She is usually drinking iced coffee and shopping for clothes… Although her and her bank account have quite a love-hate relationship. She can’t wait to move to NYC after graduation, and further explore social media and marketing!


Annabelle is a Junior at Boston University studying English. She loves fiction ranging from the classics to the latest booktok books. If she isn’t reading, you can find her at a bookshop adding to her extensive tbr list, thrifting, giving someone (anyone) a birth chart reading, or hanging out with friends. Originally from New Jersey, she is excited to work in NYC post-graduation, pursuing a career in publishing/editing.


Hello! My name is Melina, I am a junior at the University of Albany majoring in communications with a double minor in Italian and Business. I love traveling, to anywhere, whether it’s the next town over or Aruba and I love exploring and studying other peoples cultures.


Angie is at NYU studying Media, Culture and Communications. An avid reader and writer, she fell in love with books around the time she started secretly smuggling the forbidden Harry Potter series home from her school library. With her heart forever in Brooklyn, Angie currently resides in Nashville where she hopes to live out her southern fantasy.


Colleen is a hard-headed, fast-talking chick who loves a good pixie cut almost as much as a well-written article. A writer, filmmaker, and environmentalist, she dreams of nothing more than becoming a director on the next big Nat-Geo documentary.


Rebecca is studying Media, Culture, and Communications with a minor in Entertainment Business at NYU. When she’s not frequenting overpriced cafe’s, she likes to read, thrift, and spend time with friends in Washington Square Park.

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