… your life, your body, your rules…

One of the most freeing, empowering, and impulsive things someone with beautiful long hair can do, is cop it all off. Why cut it all off you ask? Take a moment to ask yourself how long you have had your specific hair style? It’s probably been too long. We find so much comfort and protection in our hair, hiding behind the layers, using it as a shield. It may seem so unimaginable to chop it all off, leaving yourself open and vulnerable to the whole world. Stop caring what other people think, embrace vulnerability, and declare your own independence. Embrace your natural beauty, and celebrate your unique features regardless of societal pressures or external opinions. By embracing the beauty of their bare heads, women can inspire others to embrace their authenticity and live boldly without fear of judgment or criticism. This is your life, your body, your rules. Shave your head, strut your stuff, and let the world know that you’re a force to be reckoned with.


Lets have bimbos and chads battle it out. Bimbos will win everytime when it comes to understanding gender. So many people are stuck back in 80s feminism and fear that Bimbos are giving in to male fantasy and catering to it, etc, etc, whatever, but what they don’t see is that Bimbos actually display an in-depth understanding of gender and its performance. Like those women are waking up and putting on that performance in such an exaggerated way, they must KNOW it’s a performance, its ins and outs, its ups and downs. Awareness is everything. Compare that to your overly masculine cisgender man, your typical Chad, who goes out of his way to no-homo every brush up with another man. You can paint your own picture. This Chad isn’t waking up and putting on those overpriced boating shoes with intention. No. He is putting them on because he does so without a second thought, without any sort of understanding why he wears the shoes he does. There is no understanding of the performance, and believe me, he is performing just as much as the woman with two boob jobs under her belt and exclusively pink shoes.





“Red is the ultimate cure for sadness.”*

What’s my favorite part of the color red? I believe it is that everyone looks good in red. If your skin is light or dark, you will always pop when you’re wearing a shade of red. Not only that but it is proven that such a bold color will boost your confidence and capture more people’s attention. I’ve always been a firm believer that color affects your mood the same way the seasons changing can. For example, if you wear white, you feel more clean and elegant. Red is said to generate excitement, love, confidence, and energy. What could be better than feeling confident in what you are wearing day to day? Red being the color of the season is one of the best decisions anyone has ever made. I feel like it’s bringing out the side of people you’ve never seen before. It’s like putting a spotlight on people in a dark room. Every person in red makes a statement and if you want to put the message out of who you are and who you want to be, right now is the perfect time to do it. As Doja Cat says in one of her newest songs, “Paint the Town Red”, I don’t care, paint the town red. Stand out to show out, the time is now.
* Bill Blass

Just A Regular Guy

The misapplication of psychology jargon into everyday vernacular is interesting. Maybe it is just the natural progression of language, but it doesn’t happen with biology or astronomy, people don’t go around misusing “titration” or “heliocentrism”. It may happen a little with lawyer jargon, “I plead the fifth”, but we all know “deposition” or “subpoena” is somewhat above our pay grade. Psychology it’s a whole different story. Trauma, narcissism, psychopathy, OCD, antisocial, and practically every single psych diagnosis have made their way into everyday speech and been made applicable for everyday behaviors. Most of the words do not dictate everyday occurrences! Are you sure both your mother, ex, and teacher are all narcissists, because you’d have to be pretty unlucky considering it’s a personality disorder that only affects 5% of the population, but sure, maybe. Are you a schizo ‘cos you have two opposing thoughts on two different days… or even the same day, hour, minute. You’re not bi-polar because of your down days or clinically depressed ‘cos a movie makes you cry! And no you aren’t an empath; of course you felt bad when that person’s dog died! Like yeah, they all just mean you’re a human being.

Doggie Tales

( Methinks this lady must have her tongue firmly in her cheek!)

I don’t think anyone can argue the fact that dogs are the most adorable creatures on the face of the earth. People, on the other hand, not so much. The worst of all, especially, are the ones who take the “curb your dog” rule to the extreme. Seriously though, these folks simply hate us… and our dogs (and when our dogs have to pee.) The countless amount of times that us pet owners are plagued with providing justification for the particular spot that our pup deemed worthy enough to lift their leg on top of has almost become an epidemic at this point. Like, come on, a majority of dog owners are respectful of public property and we don’t even mean for our fur babies to pee specifically on YOUR tree, it kind of just…happens I guess. The bottom line is, when we’re on a walk with our dogs, us owners ask that you kindly refrain from issuing dire warnings reminding us that the use of doggie bags are not optional.

Frose Is BAE

If your drink of the summer isn’t a fantastic frosé then you’ve got
to call me! You are in dire need of my favorite hangouts ‘cos it is
the perfect way to cool down and enjoy yourself sipping on your
slushy infused with rosé. If I haven’t convinced you yet then get
this: restaurants and bars everywhere are even spiking this
drink with hard liquors and adding fresh fruit to the mix. Ugh,
what could be better! Let me know when you have discovered
your favorite frosé spot!

Mirror, mirror on the Wall…

“It is in the knowledge of the genuine conditions of our lives that we must draw our strength to live and our reasons for living.” — Simone de Beauvoir
It’s difficult to be committed in a relationship when you’re with the other person 24/7. You each have your own unique (most times, strange) quirks, you more easily get on each other’s nerves, and it’s ridiculous to believe that you can be completely independent when all of your time is spent together outside of work. (Worse if you’re working in the same office. Can confirm this was a bad idea.) Hence why I propose the best course of action when it comes to breaking out of your own coupled shell: date yourself. Take yourself out to a place you want to go that your partner wouldn’t be interested in; get into a new hobby that adds a more balanced schedule; stare into your own eyes in the mirror. Dating yourself is one of the best ways to separate yourself from being codependent in your dating relationships!





Excuse me. Hey! HEY! HEY!

Why is acting important so effective in this city? I accidentally discovered this while getting my hair done last week. The hair technician, a twenty year old wearing All Saints baggy clothes, had promised me a two hour appointment. The first hour she was talking to her coworkers about attending Kanye’s church in California. The second hour she was worriedly asking the boss of the salon to come check the hair (why is it turning sort of blue??), the third hour she was pressuring me to take another white claw, and the last hour I was emerging from the chair with skunk stripes as the other 10 people in the crowded salon looked at me with pity. Usually I’d shut up and pay the full price, with a very enthusiastic “thank you” and “have a good day”, and then cry on my own the whole way home. But today the three white claws were kicking in, and I thought, for once, let me just pretend to be a woman, mid thirties, making six figures, who always wears custom slacks, someone that simply wouldn’t accept something so subpar. So I looked the salon technician in the eye and talked about how it was “unacceptable”, and said I didn’t even have time to argue, the extra hour meant I had to delay a very important work call with a client (client??), I looked at the phone’s time repeatedly, and just like that, the price dropped to 150$ and with apologies from the boss. It wasn’t even a very convincing performance, but a few words changed everything. I didn’t even have to be bitchy, just… busy. I hate that, why can’t we all be fair to people who don’t act inconvenienced? I want to be quiet and polite!!! But, I also don’t want to get ripped off the one time I decide to spend money on my hair. My friend once walked into the middle of a Law and Order shoot in the city accidentally mid shot, no one had stopped her because, as the guy with the headset had said, “she looked like she knew what she was doing”. I don’t want to be a booger just to be treated properly at places where I’m spending money, I hate it!

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