In 41 words what does Valentine’s Day mean to you? 
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Our Favorite Choices


Valentine’s Day means celebrating love. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lover or friend or family, it just means taking that day to remember to celebrate the ones you love. It’s more than gifts and gestures, it’s about spreading joy too!

– Silver

Valentine’s Day is all about love and remembering all those we cherish on that special day. It’s a day for romance and all things sweet and decadent. Beautiful flowers and cards with sentimental words round out a perfect day for me.

– Tammy

It means regardless as whether you have someone special to be your Valentine’s Day with, you are always a special Valentine .. Treat yourself the way you would like to be treated.. or the way you would have treated someone else.

– Kimberly

Valentine ‘s Day is unconditional love for your significant other and family members. You do onto others and expect nothing in return. Appreciating all things that you are thankful for. Having love and gratefulness is two gifts that makes life meaningful.

– Nicole

Valentine’s Day is a day of love for all. You can show people around you love just say “Happy Valentine’s Day” or for someone special, notch it up with a beautiful flower arrangement or my favorite, a box of premium chocolates!

– Stephanie

Valentine’s Day means being able to show love and kindness and remembering how I feel about special people in my life. It means doing nice things like a card or treats that will make loved ones smile! It is so special!

– Mary